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Imagine three world musicians, so inspired by the music of a country, and wanting to honour that country and alleviate the poverty and harsh conditions of the people in that home country. Then you have the Ganda Foundation — seven years empowering and sustaining rural communities in Uganda, East Africa. And the musicians are the GANDA BOYShelped by their supporters all around the world. (UK Charitable Registration Number: 1158040)

 The #ForgottenPeople
The Forgotten People documentary presents the making of a global humanitarian anthem by and for displaced people throughout the world, refugees who are homeless beyond their control.Forced to flee Uganda themselves in 2001, Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde acquired refugee status in the UK having endured a relocation process that lasted several years. As young musicians from a turbulent Ugandan homeland they experienced first-hand the hardship of re-establishing their lives in a foreign system, leaving family, friends, and their budding hopes behind. They found strength while meeting many other refugees along their journey and became committed to addressing the current unprecedented flow of over 60 million displaced people from several troubled countries in the world.

While in the UK Daniel and Denis joined forces with US born British Academy Music Awards Nominee Craig Pruess to form the Ganda Boys in 2008. Among many songs they wrote and recorded, The Forgotten People anthem emerged as a signature work to support their efforts focused on providing essential items for surviving in resettlement camps in Uganda. They sought assistance from a 501c3 to expand their efforts and The Forgotten People project was initiated with World Peace One Foundation.

Aligning since then with Claes Nobel’s United Earth Foundation, a collaborative effort to address the larger world-wide concern has been underway. This combination has forged ahead to address core immediate needs in refugee camps, as well as longer-term education needs, to put displaced human talent to work again in host countries in which they resettle. This work has continued in coordination with a 501c3 established by Daniel and Denis themselves called the Ganda Foundation that focuses refugee relief efforts in their Ugandan homeland as a model, where thousands of Sudanese and other refugees are streaming into.


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