About Us

The Ganda Foundation was established during 2009 by Denis MugaggaCraig Pruess and Daniel Sewagudde of the GANDA BOYS music group. Their aim has always been to bring First World awareness to some of the dire conditions existing in the Third World.

Musicians in the past have often taken a lead on urgent social issues, including the efforts of Band Aid, Live Aid and Live Eight to fight poverty in Africa. The joyous, uniting and moving music of the Ganda Boys has created a new drive for the new decade — a timeless message  of compassion, truth and caring.

These three musicians, singers and songwriters have taken a keen interest in world affairs for many years, and believe passionately that those individuals who have influence through their careers need to become intimately involved in creating a better world. A quick look at their profiles will show that Denis, Dan and Craig are very well placed to inspire people with both their musical achievements and their Ganda Foundation initiatives.