Foundation Aims

Creating empowered and sustainable communities in Uganda

The Ganda Foundation’s focus to date has been on specific interventions to deliver immediate people-centred benefits in rural Uganda.

Our aim is to use creative media and music to bring awareness around the world to help finance our worthwhile causes:

  • To establish clinics and health units for displaced people, including health education programmes for improving the living conditions of orphans and other disadvantaged children in rural and urban communities; working with widows to integrate them back into society.
  •  To improve the basic infrastructure in Ugandan communities — water,  roads, schools, hygiene, hospitals, and much needed social welfare and support programmes.
  • To establish institutions to provide facilities for diverse training but with particular emphasis on agriculture, health, technology and sustainable living practices.
  • To promote programmes for economic and social regeneration and self-sufficiency in order to bring back self esteem to communities traumatised by armed conflict, crime, violence, rape, malaria and/or displacement.

Currently, the Ganda Foundation (GF) is expanding its vision by working in partnership with Asma Earth Tech (AET), to scope an ambitious Water, Waste & Energy (WWE) Programme for Uganda, with a pilot project being implemented in the Buikwe District. This programme of work has the support and Sponsorship of Central Government, cross Party Local Parliamentary MPs, the Kingdom of Buganda, and the District Council of Buikwe. The GF is now seeking to build on their existing Health and Education activities and the proposed WWE activities in Buikwe, to formalise a District-wide Empowered and Sustainable Community (ESC) Programme of work as a Model Community for Uganda.

The GF is also partnering with World Peace One (WP1), a US-based Charity and Foundation, on its Education and Communities Transformation focused activities, an area of particular expertise for WP1.  This expertise will be appropriately integrated into the GF’s ESC scope of work in Buikwe as the projects continue to be refined.