Ganda Boys fund-raising concert on April 5th 2013, Kampala, Uganda


The concert raised £10,000 for both the Queen’s NDF Charity (for pre-natal and post natal care for mothers in rural Uganda) and the Ganda Foundation. The event was a substantial success in all ways. In the run-up to the concert, the media was full of Ganda Boys interviews, TV appearances, radio shows and interviews covering the Ganda Foundation activities, and even an unplugged appearance by Denis, Craig and Dan at the British High Commission in Kampala on April 3rd.

The Queen of Buganda was beaming, so very happy and she came up onto the stage, even as the Ganda Boys were playing the last number, and she enthusiastically met the whole band and singers one by one.

Here is a Ugandan Observer review of the concert:

New Vision article:

The fund-raising aspects of the concert were well covered. Below is a link from the Royal website:

Here are some pictures from the different Ganda Boys songs performed during the evening.

“One Love”, showing African leaders and conciliation themes on the big screen:

The Queen meeting the Ganda Boys on stage:

“Prayer” – the opening piece of the concert, sung by Daniel Sewagudde and Denis Mugagga

The Queen meeting Craig Pruess on stage at the culmination of the show.

“Take a Bus” – the back projection screen was 32 feet wide. Two big screens either side of the stage showed camera feeds from the performers on stage.

“Body of Africa” – the emotion of the song comes across… a cry to protect the beauty and treasures of Africa.

The Queen meeting Denis and Dan

A special version of “Mdomo” was very popular with the predominantly Ugandan audience.

“Ambuuse” showing the Ganda Boys backing singers

With Ugandan jazz artists, Isaiah Katumwa on sax (“Mountains of the Moon”)