Mulago Hospital

denisbeforeThis is Denis, a young boy who suffers from a severe cancer, manifesting as a badly swollen lymphoma (lymph gland cancer).

Since December 2010, he has been resident at the Childrens’ Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda. His father, a single parent, can’t afford the costs for his needed course of treatment, nor to even feed him on a regular basis.

The Ganda Foundation first met young Denis during a visit to the Institute by Dr. Sangeeta Maharajan, who was also visiting Kawolo Hospital and Lugazi School for the Ganda Foundation during Feburary, 2010. We all felt that we should immediately get involved, to help fund his treatment and perhaps put him on the path to permanent recovery.

2hywl8pSince our Ganda Foundation visit in February, he has undergone immediate and urgent treatment, and as a result, we have seen truly wonderful progress with Denis. His original lymphoma growth, which you see in the picture above, is now much smaller. We are now funding further treatment for his road to recovery. Thanks go to all our supporters, donors and well-wishers, all which have helped raise these needed funds for Denis and made such a big difference. The Ganda Foundation and the founding directors, the Ganda Boys, will be holding a charity concert in aid of the cancer unit in Kampala. For more information, please see the Ganda Foundation home page.