We are committed to reaching out to vulnerable communities to provide basic needs such as food, sanitary towels, clothes etc



Period Poverty Elimination

Our aim is to educate and supply reusable pads to one million girls by 2025. Ganda Foundation has built a strong partnership with Afripads, the leading manufacture and largest supplier of reusable pads across Africa providing over 3.5 million women and girls across 30 countries with a sustainable solution for managing their periods. We share common values of providing reusable pads to girls, advocating for affordable hygienic products, addressing menstruation taboos and challenging complex social norms. 


Sewing Machines

In rural Uganda and refugee settlement camps, 28% of girls do not go to school when they get their period because lack sanitary towels. This means they will miss around 20% of the school year. Our goal is to end period poverty by using your donations to buy sewing machines which make reusable pads.


Covid 19 Relief

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has made it much more difficult for families on low or no income to have access to food. Through our emergency food relief program, we have managed to feed over 40 families and 30 hospital patients with posho, beans rice and flour.