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clause-nobelA senior member of the Nobel Family, 

Claes Nobel is a native of Sweden and the great grand-nephew of industrialist Dr. Alfred Nobel, creator of the famed Nobel Prize.

Claes Nobel is the author of the Nobel Laureate Declaration On The Survival of Mankind and more recently The Global Declaration of Earth Ethics.

Mr. Nobel is the Founder of United Earth, an organization dedicated to promoting world peace, human unity, and environmental responsibility. His Earth Ethics curriculum is being developed for distribution to schools and universities throughout the world.

Linda Cruse International Humanitarian 

‘Boots On The Ground’

Linda Cruse is an international aid worker, disaster management specialist, author, inspirational speaker, social entrepreneur, Senior Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence in the College of Business and Law at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand
Her 17 years of frontline humanitarian aid work has taken her to every continent in the world where she has assisted in some of the world’s most catastrophic natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami, the Pakistani earthquake, the Philippine typhoon Haiyan and currently the aftermath of the Nepal and Ecuador earthquake, as well as aiding challenged communities worldwide.
Cruse’s area of expertise lies in bridging the gap between private and public sectors and creating health, education and business development to generate innovative opportunities for sustainable employment, income generation and value add. Her work is inspired by the notion of giving ‘hand-ups’ rather than ‘hand-outs’.
Founder of Be the Change: Business Leaders On the Frontline, Linda has challenged business leaders to be a catalyst for change with great success. Be The Change uses the entrepreneurial skills and acumen of business leaders to assist in solving some of the world’s intractable problems.
Linda’s book “Marmalade and Machine Guns” follows her outstanding work.
Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson; “Linda makes the impossible, possible.”

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension

For almost 100 years, UCLA Extension has provided opportunities for people in Los Angeles and throughout the world to broaden their careers and enrich their knowledge. 
As the new Dean of Extension, I look forward to adding to our proud tradition of providing outstanding continuing education courses and programs to our vibrant community, and introducing Extension to even more students and in a greater variety of ways.

Middlesex University


Developed in close consultation with the television industry and accredited by Creative Skillset, television at Middlesex offers two different degree paths leading to two distinct awards. These are among the most practical television degrees in the UK.

Buikwe District

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Administrative Structure
Buikwe District has 1 County (i.e. Buikwe) with 8 rural Sub-counties, and 4 Town Councils. The sub-counties are: Buikwe, Kawolo, Najja, Najjembe, Ngogwe, Nyenga, Ssi-Bukunja, and Wakisi; while the Town Councils are: Buikwe, Lugazi, Njeru, and Nkokonjeru. Under these lower Local Governments, there are 65 parishes / wards and 470 Village Councils