Foundation Aims

Creating Empowered and Sustainable Communities in Uganda

Frequently asked Questions:

a) Tell us your origination story – how did you start, how long have you been doing this, who are you? 

We have been running since 2009. In 2008 we were involved with a BBC 2 prime time drama, which introduced us to a new audience. White middle class peace loving people. Doing charity has always been at our hearts. Joining Craig Pruess enabled us register with companies house as a limited Co. since then we’ve been delivering Aid.


b) What was the problem you were trying to solve, or the need you are trying to fulfill? 

Poverty, Disease illiteracy plus bringing awareness of the dare conditions in the third world to the first world. Encouraging the natives to be the face of aid and part of the solution that covers areas not covered by the grand organisations such as UNHCR, WFP and the like.


c) How and why are you the solution to this problem? 

We have and still experience the challenges through our families. Aid has been politicised and there is a degree of corruption. Our approach aims to empower as opposed to creating dependency within communities and refuge camps.


d) What do you need in order to help you fulfill this goal/solve this problem? 

We need to build marketing and fundraising teams here in the UK. We need to raise more funds for our projects. We need more partnerships. We need an office with a dedicated team to coordinate funding strategies.


e) What are the specific ways people can help you do that? 

Membership monthly subscription 

Training the trainer through seminars, traveling to Uganda.

Company and cooperate partnerships such as; Western Union, Dell, Mac apple, Universities, Landover/ Toyota for mobile services.

Cereal companies for our breakfast clubs.

Hospitals for used equipment and the like


F) What are you trying to do with this current campaign? (The Forgotten People)

Get cash donations to purchase basic needs and supply to the refugee camps


g) Why is the problem urgent right now? 

High death rates 

High school dropouts 

One of the world fastest growing populations 

High refugee numbers


h) What is the most efficient way someone can help, immediately?

Donate or volunteer to train our teams on ground. Help us fundraise and contribute their expertise in this area


I) What are the objectives of  “The Forgotten People” campaign specifically – timelines, outcomes, how will success be evaluated? 

On going refugee crisis re time lines 

Support resettlement programs 

Provide basic necessities on arrival to the camp 

Retraining refugees in partnership with Universities


J) How does this campaign fit in with the larger goals of the Ganda Foundation?

By Creating empowered and sustainable communities


Ganda Boys 

1. How are the Ganda Boys linked to the Ganda Foundation? 

We are the Founders and project implementers, coordinators


2. How would you describe your music? 

World Music, African Fusion. Refer to website