The Founders

British Academy Award nominated musicians, the Ganda Boys, take on humanitarian work in Uganda.

Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde have been well-known Ugandan musicians, singers and songwriters for many years, first bursting onto the international African music scene with their big hit “Mdomo” during 2003. Resident in the UK since 2001, Denis and Dan have gone on to contribute to many multi-media projects, working tirelessly on concert programmes across the African community diaspora, culminating in their collaboration on the award winning BBC-TV drama series, Moses Jones.


They not only appeared in the live band sequences on screen as performers, but they also contributed to the script development with series writer, Joe Penhall. Denis and Dan went on to found the breakthrough African fusion group, the Ganda Boys, with fellow Ganda Foundation founder, director, and world music specialist, Craig Pruess. Ever since registering with the UK Charities Commission, they have gained key in various sectors of society and governance.